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The Conversation Guide
The Conversation Guide

Have the conversation NOW, don’t wait for a CRISIS!

The Conversation Course will guide you and your family through the process for how to make good decisions. These decisions are the foundation for your long-term care plan.

Staying objective is key and often difficult when trying to coordinate around such an emotional challenge. We will share with you a method that will not only produce measurable results, but also help you to create a culture of unity throughout the planning process by integrating the guiding principles of love and service as the key focus.

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Planning Long Term Care
Planning Long Term Care

Planning in advance allows for more objectivity resulting in better decisions versus reacting to crises as they happen. Planning empowers you to stay ahead of your loved one’s decline by anticipating their needs and being option ready.

This holistic approach transforms disparate needs and services into one sequential process making management much easier by having everything at your fingertips and all in one place. A lack of planning does just the opposite, making everything harder and more disconnected forcing you to play whack a mole with your loved one’s care. Planning produces better outcomes.

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Building Resilience
Building Resilience

The objective of the Selfcare Course is to build resilience. Caregiving can be a heart opening experience or a devastating nightmare depending on how you view life’s challenges. The practices and principles in this course are designed to help you to discover what the caregiving experience may mean to you going forward. Hardship brings to the surface old wounds while loss reminds us of how precious life is. This journey is often a painful gift that offers an opportunity to find new meaning and purpose along the way.

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